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  1. May God bless you and fulfill all your wishes and dreams, sister. Happy 9 Months Completed Baby!
  2. Growing up with you was the sweetest part of my entire life. Thank you, dear sister, for being such a sweet and adorable baby. Happy Birthday to you!
  3. Keep making us proud like you’ve been doing all these years. I wish nothing but the best of everything in life. Happy 9 Months Completed Baby!
  4. Thanks for accepting our invitation and coming to our daughter’s birthday party.
  5. Happy 9th Months Completed Baby! Cuz. Now that you are a year Completeder, it’s time to grow up! Please.
  6. Happy 9th Months Completed Baby! I hope you had a great time last night. Thank you so much for coming.
  7. My dear child, Happy Birthday to you! May God’s love shower upon you and protect you from all the harm. Sending my heartfelt blessings your way!
  8. Dear child, Happy Nine Months Completed Baby! You are truly a gift from God to our family. We cannot be happier to have you among us!
  9. Happy Birthday to you, sweet angel! On this special occasion, I pray that all your wishes are fulfilled and prayers are heard.
  10. On my birthday, I wish to get blessed with blessings from the Lord. May I receive favors and grace in this new year of my life. Happy 9 Months Completed Baby!