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  1. Hard work of a farmer is consistent in every weather and season and that’s why we have food on our plates every day… Best wishes on Farmer’s Day.
  2. Khush naseeb hain hum log jinhone aise desh mein janam liya jahan kisan ka darja sabse upar hai.
  3. Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan!!! Desh ki mitti ko apne khoon pasene se jo seenche woh hai kisan!!!
  4. Let us take inspiration from Indian farmers who put their sweat and soul in their land and crop… Best wishes on Farmer’s Day.
  5. Farmer’s Day reminds us to take inspiration from hard working Indian farmers who never give up on their crop and work hard to grow it.
  6. You are really blessed if you are a farmer because you are doing the most wonderful job in the world.. to grow food for others.
  7. I am really proud to be born in a nation where agriculture is the soul… Best wishes on Farmer’s Day to you.
  8. Farmers form the backbone of a country.
  9. Without farmers, no country can progress.
  10. Let us salute all the farmers for all the hard work they put in to make sure that we never sleep hungry. Happy Farmers Day.