My Little Princess Completed Eleven Months

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  1. Happy 11th Months Old Baby! Cuz. Now that you are a year older, it’s time to grow up! Please.
  2. I’ll try not to feel embarrassed to be related to you today, given it’s your birthday. I’m kidding, Happy 11 Months Old Baby!
  3. Thank you for coming to my daughter’s birthday. We are delighted that you joined us and gave her your blessings.
  4. Dear cousin, you are so beautiful inside-out. The way you look after the entire family, I wish for nothing but your happiness. You are truly a gem.
  5. Growing older with you is like a blessing sister. I can never forget the childhood days we spent together. Thanks for always being with me. Happy 11 Months Old Baby!
  6. Happy birthday to me. Today, I give thanks to God for the gift of life.
  7. May the Almighty make everything easier for me in the upcoming year and heal everything that is currently hurting me. May my life gets filled with laughter.
  8. Dear Lord, thank you for giving me the opportunity to breathe fine and healthy another year. Please bless me on my birthday to be a better human being.
  9. We always notice how you try to overcome every difficulty of growing up alone and we are proud of you for that. Have an awesome birthday dear son.
  10. We hope you find the path which leads you to your dreams in no time because you deserve every chance of being happy and successful. Happy 11th Months Old Baby! kiddo.