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  1. Mothers day wishes to all mothers out there. Thank you for everything that you do. Hats off.
  2. All the amazing moms from everywhere- thanks for existing and making our life easier. Lots of love.
  3. There is not a single job as important as being a mother, and you ladies pull it off so fine. Happy Mother’s day.
  4. Thanking every mom on this mother’s day for all that they do. You all are superwomen.
  5. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. You guys are one of a kind and the most precious blessings from the Lord.
  6. Happy mother’s day Aunty. May the joyous occasion give you plenty of reasons to celebrate the gift of motherhood.
  7. You are an integral part of our family. Thank you for always showering love into our lives. Happy Mother’s Day Auntie! Have a great one.
  8. Happy Mother’s Day, my lovely aunt! Thank you for being a mother figure in my life and teaching me the ways of the world. I love you!
  9. Dear Aunt, Happy Mother’s Day to you! You gave birth to the cutest kid on this planet as my niece and I could not thank you enough!
  10. May this mother’s day be filled with every ounce of happiness for you, dear aunt. Love you so much.