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  1. Enjoy your life on this special day, And try not to head too far astray, Love those around you with all your heart, Do not be depressed when times are dark, Embrace any change and remain sincere, And try your best to have a happy new year.
  2. You are the apple of my eye, And for you I would gladly die, You are my inspiration to live, To love and to give, You give meaning for me to be here, So enjoy life and have a happy new year.
  3. At this special time of year, I feel the need to remind you, Your heart is welded to my soul, And my love for you is true, Take life as it comes, And learn from your mistakes, When you are trying to hard, Remember to take a break. Happy New Year sweetheart.
  4. I am sending you this card, That will radiate my wishes and prayer to you for the next new year Happy New Year 2021
  5. Wishing you beautiful moments, treasured memories, and all the blessings a heart can know. Happy New Year!
  6. May The Year 202 Bring for You. Happiness,Success and filled with Peace, Hope & Togetherness of your Family & Friends. Wishing You a *HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021*
  7. May the Joy and happiness that comes to you On this new year, may stay with you for ever to bring you everlasting happiness and fun Wishing you a Happy Prosperous New Year
  8. As the world is ready to celebrate, the Christmas and New year, I am having great pleasure to Wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021
  9. As the world wait for a new year with hopes of better year in their heart I am wishing you a great new year That makes all your dreams true Happy and Prosperous New Year
  10. New year is milestone where we have to look back to find our past ways and failures New year is milestone where we have to look ahead to find the ways to cover and challenges, Happy and Prosperous New year