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  1. No Shadows To Depress You, Only Joys To Surround You, Friends, To Love You, And God Himself To Bless You. These Are My Wishes For Today, Tomorrow & Everyday. Good Morning & Have A Nice Day!
  2. As I Go To Sleep, I Feel Happy To Dream About You And The Morning Makes Me Happier Too, You Are Not Just Dream, But My Sweetest Reality Too, Good Morning Dear.
  3. Gods Gift For You Is A New Beautiful Day, Open It With A Smile, Use It And Enjoy It To The Fullest But Just Make Sure That You Pass A Smile To At Least One Heavy Heart And That Will Surely Fulfil Your Day Good Morning Take Care.
  4. I wish I was an owl. So that I could sleep away in the morning and sing & party all night long! But alas, I am human. Good morning to you
  5. Remove your blanket, get up from your bed, brush your teeth and now say eeeeeeā€¦ Good!! Now check out the world outside so flamboyant and colorful. Good Morning and have a beautiful day ahead
  6. You Know Why I Have Wonderful Life, Its All Because Of My Wife, You Changes My Fate, Brought In My Life, Love Happiness, Cheers, Joys And All The More A Friend So Great Good Morning.
  7. The First Thing I Would Like To Do This Morning Is Give A Big Thanks To You For The Numerous Things You Have Done For Me, And For Understanding And Accepting Not Only The Best But Also The Worst Of Me. Good Morning.
  8. The Only Person So Special To Me Is You, My Days Starts And Ends With You, You Might Someday Forget Me, But I Will Always Be There For You Good Morning.
  9. Relationships are like finding shoes.
    People start with good looking ones
    but end up with those in which they feel comfortable.
    Good Morning
  10. Nice people are blessed people,
    Ever friendly
    Always smiling
    Forgive easily
    Hold no grudges, and
    Keep no malice.
    Good Morning
    Have a nice day