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  1. Jumma Mubarak! May we be able to live by Allah’s orders till next Jumma!
  2. Praying for this sacred day to grace our lives with holy blessings! Jumma Mubarak 2024!
  3. Jumma Mubarak to everyone! Let us seek mercy and make Dua to the Benevolent!
  4. How lucky we are to be able to stand before Allah and ask for forgiveness! Jumma Mubarak 2024!
  5. Jummah Mubarak! I wish you and your family a blissful and blessed Jumma.
  6. May Allah grant you mercy for the sake of this holy day! Jumma Mubarak 2024!
  7. All I wish that every Jummah prayer brings peace, joy, and forgiveness of Allah to all of your lives and strengthen the faith upon Him. Jumma Mubarak 2024.
  8. Jumma Mubarak to you! May this day bring peace and serenity upon you.
  9. Jumma Mubarak 2024 to you and your family. Today is all about counting the blessings of life and expressing gratitude to Allah, so don’t miss the prayer!
  10. Happy Friday my friend. May you be blessed with peace of mind, good health and uncountable favors of Allah!