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  1. I am sorry for overlooking your happiness in an attempt to prioritize mine.
    I will never repeat what happened in the past.
  2. I’m so sorry for hurting your feelings
    I take back my words!
    Hope you’ll forgive me!
  3. I have let you down;
    I know it’s too late to ask for forgiveness..
  4. Yes, I was noisy and loud, my bad.
    Please forgive me.
    I am sorry.
  5. Sorry, couldn’t make it
    Apologies my dear
    Forgive your erring husband
    And render your heart clear.
  6. Baby, you were right.
    I should have listened to you.
    I am sorry! 
  7. Let’s stop blaming each other for our mistakes and reconcile with each other.
    I am sorry!
  8. I have all ways made mistakes so
    has every one but my biggest mistake
    is letting you go and if you take me back
    I will never make a mistake as big as
    this one ever again. I M SORRY
  9. I know I’ve hurt u
    I didn’t mean to.
    I m soooo sorry
    Plz forgive me!
  10. Be with me forever, sweetheart.
    I am sorry!