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  1. Celebrate the auspicious day of Nag Panchami with the joy and help people understand the values of Lord Shiva! Happy Nag Panchami!
  2. I wish the glory of Shiva Shankar uplift your soul and banish all your troubles. Happy Nagara Panchami!
  3. May Nag Devta bless you with prosperity and happiness! Subh Nag Panchami!
  4. Om namha shivay, Om namha shivay – On this auspicious festival chant the name of Lord Shiva and the Lord above will remove all the obstacles of your life. Happy Nag Panchami!
  5. May the glory of the divine Shiva, remind us of our capabilities and help us attain success. Wishing you and your family, Happy Nag Panchami!
  6. May Lord Shiva shower all his choicest blessings upon you on the occasion of Nag Panchami!
  7. May Lord Shiva bless you with strength and prosperity all on the auspicious occasion of Nag Panchami. Happy Nagara Panchami!
  8. May Lord Shiva shower his blessings upon all of you on this auspicious day. May he protect your from all dangerous and give you the strength to fight the evil. Subha Nag Panchami.
  9. May Lord Shiva protect you from all evil and gives you the strength to follow the path of truth and honesty. Wishing you and your family Happy Nag Panchami!
  10. By offering milk to Nag Devta, one gets the blessings of the Lord above and the ultimate protection. Wishing that the Lord showers you with the same love and affection.