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  1. Together we smile, together we stand
    Love, trust and understand
    May this Karwachauth bless us through
    May each day be happy and new
  2. We’ll make life a bed of roses,
    no pain,
    no loss
    and no fear.
    You simply ask to God for our togetherness
    And I will do the rest.
    Happy Karwa Chauth!
  3. Wish you a Happy Karwachauth
    You are my dream come true.
    Thanks so much
    For being you.
  4. You know why women starts with ‘W’…
    Because all questions start with “W”
    Who ?
    Why ?
    What ?
    When ?
    Which ?
    Whom ?
    Where ?
    Finally Wife…
    Happy KarvaChauth
  5. You love me and I love you
    We are lovers and best friends too
    On this Karwachauth I just wanna say
    Thankyou darling for coming my way
  6. करवा चौथ के दिन बड़ा खुश होता है,
    क्योंकि वो दिन बड़ा ही शुभ होता है,
    रखते है उस दिन पति के लिये व्रत,
    क्योंकि दिल में उनकी लम्बी उम्र की आस होती है।
  7. धन्य है वो देवी जो पति सुख हेतु व्रत पावें,
    धन्य है वो पति जो देवी रूप पत्नी पावें,
    धन्य है वो स्वरुप जो मनुष्यता का दीप जलावें।
  8. May this moon light flood your life with
    Happiness, Joy, Peace and Harmony.
  9. As you worship the moon god and pray
    for the long life of your husband.
    May you be blessed with all that you heart desires.
  10. Hope this day strengthens
    the bond of love between you two.
    May the almighty bless you with
    a happy and long married life.