Greeting Cards for Vesak Day 2023

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  1. We live in illusion and the appearance of things.
    There is a reality. We are that reality.
    When you understand this, you see that you are nothing, and being nothing, you are everything.
    That is all.
    Happy Vesak 2023 Festival.
  2. Between birth and death there is nothing else to happen but love.
    If you miss love between birth and death,
    you have missed the whole opportunity of life.
    You may gather knowledge and money and prestige and power,
    but if have missed love then you have missed the real door.
    Happy Buddha Purnima 2023!!
  3. Rely on the teachings, not on the person
    Rely on the meaning, not on the words
    Rely on the real life, not on the dreams
    Rely on the wisdom, not on the mind inside
    Happy Buddha Jayanti 2023!
  4. May the full moon of Buddha Purnima takes away the darkness of ignorance, bigotry and hatred towards others
    And may it herald an era of contentment peace and enlightenment for the world!
    Heartiest greetings on this pious occasion of Buddha Purnima 2023!
  5. To live a pure unselfish life, one must count nothing as one’s own in the midst of abundance.
  6. The ego with all its egotism is the false self. It is an unral illusion and a perishable combination. – Happy Vesak Day 2023!
  7. Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth. – Buddha
  8. Let us be grateful towards who made you meet with yourself.
  9. On this auspicious day, let us remember Lord Buddha’s teachings and spread the message of universal brotherhood and compassion for everyone. Warm wishes to you on Buddha Jayanti.
  10. Let us remember our dear Lord Buddha on this auspicious day. Happy Vesak Day 2023!