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  1. Ye dhantersh khusi se nikle,
    dilo me khusiya ,ghar me shukh ka vaas ho;
    here moti se aapka taj ho;
    mite duria,sab aap ke pas ho;
    aisa dhantrs aapka is saal ho
    Happy Dhanteras
  2. Dear Godess Lakshmi Bless the reciepent of this message with thirteen times Dhanon this Dhan Teras Happy DhanTeras!
  3. Wealth is temporary,
    Blessings are permanent
    A happy Dhanteras to you and your family.
  4. Karo Apni Jeb Khali, Taki Bhar De Mata Laxmi Use, Kyu Ke Aa Rahi He Dhanteras, Mat Karo isme Jara Bhi Aalas, Happy Dhanteras..
  5. Sone ka rath, chandi ki paalki,
    Baithkar jismein hain Maa Lakshmi aayi,
    Dene aapko aur aapke poore parivar ko,
    Dhanteras ki badhaai!
  6. Dhanteras
    D: Dhan
    H: Health
    A: Anand
    N: Nature
    T: Talent
    E: Enjoyment
    R: Romance
    A: Aitbar
    S: Subhagya
    Happy DHANTERAS!
  7. Shimmer with silver, Shine with gold, And dazzle like platinum, Happy Dhanteras!
  8. Dhanteras Par Apka Dhan Badhe,
    Sath Hi Sath Apka Maan Bhi Badhe,
    Ban Jaye Aaap Itne Udar,.
    Kar De Ham Par Laxmi Ki Fuhar..
    Happy Dhanteras
  9. May Lakshmi fill your homes with worldly treasures and ushers prosperity in your life at all times. Have a bless Dhanteras!
  10. Sun glows for a day,
    Candle for an hour,
    Matchstick for a minute,
    But a wish can glow days forever,
    So here is my wish for glowing Dhanteras and glowing life.