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  1. Romance is when just a thought of you gives me goosebumps. Love you!… Happy Valentine’s Day.
  2. I never expected my life to be perfect but then you walked in and made it a bliss. Happy Valentines Day my love!
  3. My Valentine,
    I find joy and delight in you
    You give me everything I need;
    You’re all I want;
    I’m drawn towards you
    When you’re not around
    I think of you both night and day
    You are my life,
    My love!
  4. Life’s success mantra is to say “I Love You” to someone you love, every day – Happy Valentine’s day!
  5. On valentine’s day, a kiss goes best with the wine. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  6. You not only know all the tricks in this world to sustain our romance year after year, you know even more to make it grow. Love your innovations and commitment to keeping us happen.
  7. Loving you is way too easy. Happy Valentine’s Day!!
  8. The laughter, the smiles, and the tears, the memories we’ve shared through the years, a love on which I can depend, my sweetheart, my forever friend.
  9. I am extremely blessed to have you as my wife and my Valentine. I appreciate all that you are and do. You are easy to love and a beautiful person. That’s why I want you as my Valentine.
    Happy Valentine’s Day.
  10. I may not say it every day,
    but I feel it always…
    you’re that best thing that ever happened to me
    and I’m grateful to have such a wonderful woman like you in my life.
    Happy Valentine’s Day!