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  1. Free Create Mahavir Jayanti 2022 Greeting for your CustomerOn this auspicious occasion of Mahavir Jayanti 2023, I send you and your family the best of the wishes and blessings. May you are blessed with the strength to follow the right path of kindness and goodness.
  2. Mahavir ka janam hua manavta ke uddhar ke udeshya se. Hum uske dikhaye raaste par aage chalkar paayein moksha. Mahavir Jayanti ke is paawan avsar par aapko hardik shubhkamnayein.
  3. Happy Mahavir Jayanti to you and your family. May your life is full of positivity and brightness, happiness and purity. May you always choose the path of kindness and righteousness.
  4. On this auspicious day of Mahavir Jayanti, I pray that Lord Mahavir may bless you with a life of non violence, compassion and kindness. Wishing you a very Happy Mahavir Jayanti 2023.
  5. I always pray to Lord Mahavir to bless you with what you deserve and not what you desire because you truly deserve more than you desire. Warm wishes on Mahavir Jayanti to you.
  6. The beauty and happiness of life lies in simplicity. Simple words have the power to express greatest thoughts. Wishing you and your family a life of simplicity. Happy Mahavir Jayanti 2023.
  7. Always adapt the path of truth, non violence, kindness and knowledge and you will live a happy life blessed with righteousness. Sending best wishes on Mahavir Jayanti 2023 to you.
  8. May Lord Vardhmaan Mahavir bless your life with happiness, knowledge and kindness. May you always follow the right path and enjoy a blessed life. Happy Mahavir Jayanti to you and your family.
  9. May the teachings of Lord Mahavir inspire you to follow the right path and always be kind to everyone around you. Wishing you a very Happy Mahavir Jayanti to you.
  10. Life is all being kind, helpful and merciful towards all the living beings and non living things. To attain the state of Nirvana, let us be good and kind to all. Happy Mahavir Jayanti 2023 to you.