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  1. Happy 5 Months Old Baby! I can’t thank God enough for blessing me with the purest soul on the earth. May this birthday bring you health and happiness.
  2. It was a blessing for me to marry the most beautiful and intelligent lady. Happy Birthday gorgeous.
  3. You do make us feel restless all the time, but we are still lucky to have you as our son. Have the greatest birthday ever son.
  4. Thanks for attending my birthday party. I was so touched. And, thank you for the surprise. Happy 5 Months Completed Baby!
  5. I had the best birthday this year. Thank you for coming to my party.
  6. Happy Birthday to my dearest child! Today is the best day to know you that you’re my best friend and favorite partner in crime.
  7. Happy 5th Months Old Baby! little one! May you have a wonderful day ahead! Let’s celebrate it with fun and laughter!
  8. Not all cousins are awesome. Be grateful, because at least yours is. Happy 5 Months Old Baby!
  9. Happy Birthday dear! How does it feel seeing so many candles on the cake? I hope you can get used to it.
  10. Happy Birthday to my beautiful, wonderful, hilarious baby. I hope your beauty stops aging unlike you.
  11. Happy Birthday. I pray that the Almighty gives you have all you desire.