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  1. May God be with you for good and for bad. May He bless you today and every day. Happy 1 Month old Baby!
  2. I pray the Lord Almighty to grant you eternal joy in life. Have the happiest Birthday.
  3. Happy birthday, May God keep you in His tender hands and offer you comfort.
  4. Today is my baby birthday, and oh Father, I wish for your resources and kindness to outshine his life. I pray that you favor him in every aspect of life.
  5. How does it feel to be so popular one time a year on Facebook? I know it feels great except the part of checking notifications 24/7. Happy 1 Month old Baby!
  6. Happy Birthday Cousin! You’re sure as old as you feel but you’re never going to be younger than me.
  7. You’re one of the very few people I can tolerate on a daily basis. Does it make you feel bad or grateful? Happy 1 Month old Baby!
  8. Happy birthday to my favorite cousin! I’m so happy to call you my family.
  9. Happy birthday to my cousin and best friend. I hope you have the best birthday ever.
  10. Happy one month old my child! You’re sweet. You’re adorable. Here’s to another year to annoy everyone together.
  11. May God uplift you in your career, finances, and fulfills all your silent prayers. Happy birthday.