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  1. We all grew up with the saying that Prevention is much better than cure and applying that we can say that it is much better to take care of our health and carcinogenic substances than waiting for the cure. Happy World Cancer Day!
  2. Cheers to the United Nations and the World Health Organization for doing the hard work and I wish it all the best in achieving success in conquering cancer. Happy World Cancer Day!
  3. Do not give up and be strong as it this fight with cancer is going to make you stronger than anybody else and you will soar higher than anybody else. Here’s wishing you all the best and Happy World Cancer Day.
  4. Cancer is not the ultimatum, you are and you have the power to win the battle. Here’s to never giving up, Happy World Cancer Day!
  5. Having cancer doesn’t mean it is the ending, have the authority and fight your way out with a big bright smile and warrior’s heart.
  6. Never lose your hope. Fight your way in with life and make it worth living. Wishing you an inspirational World Cancer Day.
  7. You beat cancer by how you live, why you live and in the manner in which you live. – Stuart Scott
  8. Cancer is not death sentence, but rather it is life sentence; it pushes one to live. – Marcia Smith
  9. We all can contribute so much to this fight for Cancer. May Almighty give us all the strength and capability to support and go through this disease.
  10. Be aware of all the life choices that contribute to Cancer. Make your life worth living, enjoying every good thing it has to offer. Sending thought on world cancer day.