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  1. Texting is good but when can I lay my eyes on those big brown muscles? Happy Valentine’s Day my sweet patatooh. I love you so much.
  2. Happy Valentine’s Day, beautiful! I feel so heavy inside because my heart is full of love!
  3. You bring a smile to my face and peace to my heart. I live for you and I want no more reason in life. I love you! Happy Valentine’s Day!
  4. You are the most beautiful and amazing woman and I am proud to be loved by you. Happy valentine’s my lovely wife.
  5. I have received many gifts in my life but none can be compared to you! Happy Valentine’s!
  6. Sometimes God is too generous and sometimes people are just lucky. For me, both are true!
  7. Happy Valentine’s Day, beautiful! My love for you only gets stronger each day!
  8. Being able to love you is the greatest honor of all. I love you in every moment in my life and I don’t ever want to let you go! Happy Valentine’s Day!
  9. Every valentine’s day I spend with you is so full of awesome moments and unforgettable memories. Today is not going to be any different!
  10. My wife, my friend, my lover, the one, Happy Valentines Day; you are second to none.