Editable Korean New Year 2021 Greetings

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  1. It is time to put your wonderful plans into action as it is the most auspicious time… Best wishes on Korean New Year 2021 to you.
  2. May our marriage is blessed with a year full of happy moments and beautiful memories to cherish… Happy Korean New Year!!!
  3. May all your hard work get paid this year… Wishing you a year of success and growth… Happy Korean New Year 2021 to you boss.
  4. On the occasion of Korean New Year, I wish that you set more examples for all of us to follow… Wishing you a great year ahead sir.
  5. No matter where I am or what I do, I think of you and I miss you like crazy. May our every New Year’s Eve be an opportunity to gather together and welcome a new year with a smile. Happy Korean New Year 2021!
  6. I want to express my love for you, but I can’t find the right words. I just want you to be happy and prosperous, and I’m sure that this new year will be kind to you. May all of your dreams come true.
  7. Every New Year’s Eve each and every one of us makes resolutions and promises to keep them. The only resolution that actually matters to me is a promise to make you feel loved and supported throughout the upcoming year and forevermore. Happy Korean New Year, buddy.
  8. Let us make this Korean New Year memorable for all of us by writing new success stories… Have a prosperous year ahead.
  9. May you are blessed with more happiness, more success and more goodness… Wishing a blessed Korean New Year to our clients.