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  1. Earth has always given us every comfort and necessity of life. It takes care of everyone like a mother and we must also protect it and care for it in the best way.
    Happy Earth Day.
  2. On the occasion of Earth Day, we must pledge to take care of our planet by planting trees, by controlling pollution to protect it from all negativities.
    Wishing you a Happy Earth Day.
  3. We must express our gratitude to Mother Earth by taking care of it; by protecting it and by making it a healthier and greener place to live. Wishing you and your family
    Happy Earth Day!
  4. Don’t forget that you have inherited this Earth from your ancestors to pass it on to your children…. The onus of taking good care of it lies on your shoulders….. Happy Earth Day.
  5. The beauty of Earth lies in its simplicity and natural look…. Let us pledge to conserve its natural resources and protect it from degradation…..
    Happy Earth Day to you.
  6. Save our planet. Save Earth. Happy earth day to all
  7. Earth Day is the day of celebration and making promises…. To make it a happier, healthier and greener planet for generations to come.
    Happy Earth Day!!
  8. Planting trees is the best day of spreading love, prosperity and harmony…. Let us all work together to take care of Mother Earth with lots of love….
    Wishing you Happy Earth Day.
  9. Go green and make our Earth a beautiful place to live. Happy Earth Day
  10. Take Good care of your Earth Earth Protect us We must Protect it too. Happy Earth Day!