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  1. Boxing Day is just another occasion where boxing crazy people get an excuse and a holiday to pay respect to this great day. Have a happy boxing day.
  2. Welcome to this year’s boxing day, follow the day’s occasion and enjoy it to the fullest because its a special day to spread love one more time. Happy boxing day.
  3. Keep off your worries because its a brand new day to be happy and contented with those who love us. Live today and make some awesome new year resolutions.
  4. Look around this festive season and see that boxing day is another opportunity to be grateful for making it all through the day. Have a blissful celebration ahead. Happy boxing day 2018.
  5. This day allows us to relax and enjoy the holiday season with one more extended festive day. Hope you have a very great boxing day.
  6. Boxing day comes in between Christmas day and new year day. Enjoy this holiday and know that something bigger and greater is coming up next year. Happy boxing day dear.
  7. I wish you the best that today has to offer. Be happy and joyous because boxing day comes once in every year. Have a very good boxing day.
  8. Just as the celebrations of Christmas roll over to Boxing Day, may the celebrations of Boxing Day roll over to New Year’s Eve and all the year through!
  9. May the love and feelings of this boxing day give you a reason to smile till the last minute of this year. Have a funfilled day as you spend time with those that matters. Happy boxing day.
  10. Reflect on your past and plan your future. Be happy that you got to the spot you are at the moment and keep your energy for the challenges ahead. Happy boxing day.