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  1. True friends are like soul of life, Without them it is tough to strive, Thanks my friend for always being there, With you life is awesome I swear, A very happy friendship day!
  2. Friendship is that emotion Which is felt from the heart It has no end and no start Because it stays forever Cheers my friend!
  3. I have immensely benefited from your presence. Love You. Thank You
  4. It is your mindset which keeps me at peace. Love you my friend.
  5. Friendship is certainly not about A single day or a moment It is a connection of two hearts That will stay forever in life Your friendship truly means a lot So a loving thanks from my side, Happy Friendship Day to you!
  6. Your quest for fairness has made us friends forever.
  7. My friendship with you has been so long Its been like wonderful song When lyrics are just as perfect as can be Its your love that I can well see Thanks for everything my friend Happy friendships day to you!
  8. May this friendship shine even brighter.
  9. You are the source of my end-to-end smile… keep supply going.
  10. Friend with you every selfie looks awesome With you there is a connection of soul Something that lasts forever There is surely an important role Friendship is above everything Above every goal Happy friendships day to you!