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  1. Happy New year to you and your family, may you have a great time all through the year.
  2. Spread the message of lasting peace, love, happiness and pure joy in the air this New Year. Happy Tamil New Year 2023.
  3. Good health, great fortune and wonderful life, this is all I wish for you this year. Happy Tamil New Year 2023.
  4. This is the time to celebrate the new beginning of everything around you. Happy Tamil Puthandu Vazthukal 2023.
  5. May your family spend peaceful and lovely time together this year. Happy New year.
  6. Happy New year to you and your family. I wish God bless you everything that you want from life.
  7. Year after year our friendship is getting stronger, may we have long years of a happy relationship. Happy Tamil New Year 2023.
  8. In this New year, everything has changed and will change, except our friendship. Happy Puthandu Vazthukal.
  9. Happy New year to all who made my last year so wonderful. Happy Puthandu Vazthukal 2023.
  10. Wishing best of New Year to all my friends, I wish you get everything that you dream and desire for this year.
  11. New Year brings new hopes, new aspirations and new journey. Be the part of change and enjoy. Happy Puthandu Vazthukal!