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  1. Sukkot is, here again, to remind us of God’s power and protection. May He bless us all.
  2. May the lessons of Sukkot reflect in our lives and may we never lose hope! Happy Sukkot.
  3. Sending you my love and prayers on this delightful occasion. Wish you and your loved ones a memorable Sukkot.
  4. I pray that your house gets filled with peace and your heart with affection. Have a splendid Sukkot with the near and dear ones.
  5. I hope this magical holiday brings you good health and plentiful success. Keep shining and enjoy the Sukkot!
  6. Worry not, trust God, and enjoy the Sukkot! Wishing you all a lovely holiday.
  7. With the arrival of Sukkot, may God’s lights surround us and all the darkness fade away. Happy Sukkot.
  8. Happy Sukkot! All thanks to the lord for creating, loving, and protecting us.
  9. Indeed God is the most powerful and Sukkot is the evidence of that. A very happy Sukkot to everyone!
  10. If God can protect people from the harshest calamities, he sure can make all of our troubles go away. So, believe in Him and enjoy this Sukkot!