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  1. May India always hold a prestigious position on the map of the world.
    Happy Republic Day!
  2. May we always choose freedom to live pecefully over everything. May we always make our country proud.
    Happy Republic Day!
  3. This Republic Day let’s wish for a safe and happy life of all citizens. Happy Republic Day!
  4. Let’s promise to preserve the heritage of our motherland forever. Happy Republic Day!
  5. Strength in our mind,
    Pride in our soul,
    Gratitude in our hearts.
    Happy Republic Day to all!
  6. Never forget the supreme sacrifices of soldiers who died for the welfare of the nation.
    Happy Republic Day!
  7. Never Forget The Hero’s
    Who Sacrificed Their Lives
    To Bring Up This Glorious Day To India,
    Happy Republic Day.
  8. Recalling and Rejoicing
    In the Victory of Our Freedom Fighters
    on This 70th Republic Day
    Best Wishes to All
    Happy Republic Day
  9. India is the song we must sing. India is the dream we must realize. Happy Republic Day.
  10. If not other than our common ground to meet, let me remember the anonymous, for once at least, beyond the patriotic floats display on a Republic Day.