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  1. Thanks for giving me a life full of happiness and dreams. You are so special to me. Happy parents day dad!
  2. My angels, you have never failed to make me smile when I am sad and lift up my spirit when I feel low. Happy Parents Day 2023!
  3. Wishing you two a very Happy Parents Day, Mom and Dad! May the smiles on your faces always remain intact like this!
  4. Happy Parents Day 2023! You made my journey beautiful and helped me reach the epitome of success and happiness! I love you two!
  5. It is impossible to list all the things you have sacrificed to keep me happy. Thank you for everything! Happy Parents Day!
  6. My amazing parents, you two are the most wonderful human beings I have ever met! Thank you for being in my life. Happy Parents Day 2023!
  7. The biggest blessing for a child is his parents. I feel lucky all the time for having such amazing parents like you! Happy Parents’ Day!
  8. Happy Parents Day 2023 to you, my parents! Thank you for being so lovable parents and making me feel safe and secure in this world.
  9. I am so grateful to you two for all the little things you have done to make my life better and easier. Happy Parents Day 2023!
  10. If it was a paid work, parenting would hold the highest salary of all. But undoubtedly, this world has the highest respect for the parents.
  11. The ultimate reward for the parents is a child raised in a good manner, good heart and good health. Love to all the parents in the world. Happy parents day 2023!