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  1. Happy 8th Months Completed Baby! You have the purest spirit I’ve ever met. Missing home and especially you. Take care!
  2. May Almighty bless my brother on his big day and on all days of his beautiful life. May Lord protect him from every hard and ill deed.
  3. God made you because he saw a need for someone unique and exceptional in the world. Happy 8th Months Completed Baby! brother!
  4. Many happy returns of your birthday, dear child! This shall be a secret between you and me but I like you the most in this family!
  5. If I had known how beautiful it would be to have you in my life, I’d have had you first. Happy Birthday Sweetheart!
  6. Happy 8th Months Completed Baby! my wonderful child! I hope I can be here to celebrate your next one too! Have a joyful day ahead!
  7. Happy Birthday child! Sometimes, I just wonder that you are God’s greatest reward to me for not killing my kids. Happy 8th Months Completed Baby!
  8. Happy birthday. I hope that God would shower His favor on your life so that you might triumph in anything you do.
  9. Your birthday is worth remembering, brother, because people like you are rare. Happy 8 Months Completed Baby!
  10. You’re the strongest person I know, and I admire you very much. Happy 8th Months Completed Baby! brother!
  11. Happy 8th Months Completed Baby! dear baby. Sending you lots of love, hugs, and kisses on your special day! May all of your dreams come true. I wish I could see the joy on your face and listen to your heart thumping.