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  1. Happy 6th Months Completed Baby! You are like a blessing from God to me.
  2. For my loving baby, I want her to be kind to herself and stop worrying about things so much. Today and for the rest of her life, she shall not suffer loss. Amen.
  3. As we celebrate today, May all her wishes come true, and her days be coupled with loads of good events. Happy 6th Months Completed Baby!
  4. Happy birthday cutest little angel who brings love and happiness in our lives every day.
  5. I would say our family was blessed the day you were born, but that’s actually me. I am the blessing. Happy 6 Months Completed Baby!
  6. Happy birthday. I suppose we were born as cousins since my family could only have one cool person.
  7. Hey, please keep my portion of the cake, don’t eat it all by yourself. Happy Six Months Completed Baby! my dear baby.
  8. Happy birthday to my cousin and best friend. I hope you have the best birthday ever.
  9. Happy 6th Months Completed Baby! You’re sweet. You’re adorable. Here’s to another year to annoy everyone together.
  10. May God uplift you in your career, finances, and fulfills all your silent prayers. Happy birthday.
  11. Almighty, I am raising my hands to make a prayer on my baby birthday. Give him all the happiness in the world and make his future brighter than the past. Happy 6th Months Completed Baby!