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  1. When the moon is round in autumn, it is a signal that it is the time to reunite, enjoy the festivities and happy times with loved ones…. Happy Mid Autumn Festival 2023.
  2. May this festival of harvest bring eternal joy and happiness in our lives….. Sending warm wishes on Mid-Autumn Moon Festival 2023.
  3. The moon is autumn and the night, and it is another year of reunion. I wish you a happy holiday and good health.
  4. May your life be like the fifteenth moon, full of roundness.
  5. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, all the best, I want to make things happen!
  6. I wish your career and life to be as bright and full as the Mid-Autumn Festival 2023.
  7. When moon is perfect round, when it is the mid of autumn, it calls for celebration with hopes for a happier days ahead…. Happy Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.
  8. May each and every day of your life is as happy and as bright as the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival…. Best wishes on this special occasion!!!
  9. It is time to thank God for a good harvest and seek his blessings for another prosperous year…. Happy Mid Autumn Festival 2023.
  10. Wish you and your family a happy Mid-Autumn Festival
  11. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! May the round moon bring you a happy family and a successful future.