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  1. The respectable workers work all year long to meet their goals and develop society, so today is a well-deserved occasion for them. Happy International Workers’ Day!
  2. Happy International Workers’ Day! Working tirelessly every day is an achievement itself, so every worker deserves to be celebrated on this special day!
  3. Happy Worker’s Day! Let us take the opportunity to show respect on this occasion.
  4. Happy International Workers’ Day to all the workers. Sincerely hoping that today will be a comfortable day for you to enjoy the fruits of your labour!
  5. Happy worker’s day! After a whole year of hard work, you deserve this holiday. I hope you have a fun day with your family and have lots of delicious food.
  6. Happy May day to you. It wasn’t easy but really showed your dedication to work. We are really proud of you. Rest well and enjoy this day.
  7. May Day bears a significance to all the labourers of the world, as it is dedicated to their hard work and service. Happy May Day to them!
  8. Happy May Day to the workers! Thank you for pouring your soul in your respected jobs every day and gifting us with the fruits of your hard work.
  9. May everyone spends a joyful and prosperous May Day with their loved ones!
  10. Workers are the invisible backbone of a nation, as a nation is only able to stand strong because of them. Happy May Day to the workers!