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  1. On International Day of Peace, let us reach out to all those people who have lost their dear ones to violence.
  2. Peace and stability is an absolute prerequisite for the overall development of any country. Happy International Day of Peace.
  3. Let us seek inspiration from the twin principles of truth and non-violence on the International Day of Peace.
  4. A generous person who is compassionate towards the feelings of others can be a symbol of peace in this world. Happy International Day of Peace.
  5. On International Day of Peace, we should try to seek motivation from the works and ideas of famous personalities like Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.
  6. Let us forget all our differences based on religion, caste, and gender on International Day of Peace and work together to create a better tomorrow for the world.
  7. We should not harbor the thoughts of taking revenge in our minds as one form of violence gives rise to another and this pattern goes on until it becomes a threat to humanity. Happy International Day of Peace.
  8. May this International Day of Peace filled the spirit of kindness, love, and brotherhood in everyone’s heart.
  9. Let’s relinquish all the thoughts of brutality & fight on this International Day of Peace.
  10. Let’s take a pledge to partake in a wide range of endeavors to keep up harmony and happiness in this entire world.