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  1. The love for my nation is priceless, my love for the people is endless and all I want for my nation is progress. Let me be the first to wish you A Happy Independence Day!!!
  2. Let us all pray for the unity and prosperity of our dear country today, as we remember the sacrifices of those who fought to give us freedom. Happy Independence Day.
  3. On the day on Independence we must remember that no duty is more important than that of returning thanks to all the valiant soldiers who gave their lives to ensure a better and free future of our country. Viva Independencia.
  4. Mexican Independence Day is the mark of the start of the long war for independence fought, not the end. Viva Independencia.
  5. “One flag, one land, one heart, one hand.” Wish you a Happy Mexican Independence Day. Viva Mexico.
  6. Independence day teaches us the meaning of true national spirit, integrity, courage, liberty, and independence. Wish you a Happy Mexican Independence Day. Viva Independencia.
  7. On Mexican Independence day, wind up the beloved Mexican flag and let it soar high. Celebrate this festive occasion by saluting and honoring it. Viva Mexico.
  8. Never forget the sacrifice of thousands of people who laid their lives so that their country can breathe in the free and fresh air. Happy Independence day. Viva Mexico.
  9. Mexican Independence day is the day to remember that the only prison that we need to escape is the prison of our minds. Once we escape that we can open our minds and feel the freedom. Viva Independencia.
  10. Liberty is only granted to those who not only love it but can also guard and defend it. Wish you a Happy Mexican Independence Day. Viva Mexico.