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  1. Wishing peace and prosperity on this Nowruz. My friend deserves all the good things in this new year.
  2. May your life always twinkle like the stars but never fall like them. May you always taste success in the coming new year. Happy Nowruz, friend.
  3. All things bright and beautiful, All things good and true, All things fine and wonderful, All these are wished for you on this day and always…. Eid-e Nowrooz Mobaarak!
  4. Saal-e-Nau Mubarak
  5. Happy Nowruz dear friend. There might be thousands of obstacles, but I will always be there to motivate you no matter what happens.
  6. May joy and love pave your way on this auspicious day. Have a beautiful Nowruz day.
  7. Remove the tree of hate from your life on this Nowruz and spread the pure form of love. Happy Nowruz.
  8. Nowruz Mubarak to everybody out there. Have a safe one this year.
  9. Wish you cheerful end of winter and the arrival of spring with Nowruz
  10. When everything is green and new, you realize spring is here. It’s an ideal opportunity to celebrate Nowruz. Best wishes from me to you and your family