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  1. May the blessings of the Lord always shine upon you like diamonds. May all of you always be happy and joyful in your life. Happy Good Friday 2024!
  2. I pray that you are always surrounded by the loving care of our sweet lord. May he bring peace upon all of you and keep you safe always.
  3. May God show us the right path, give us the ability to forgive others and give us mercy for our own sins. Have a beautiful Good Friday everyone.
  4. A righteous family is a blessing from God, and I am lucky to have you as that blessing. Happy Good Friday 2024!
  5. Enjoy a blissful Good Friday and take learnings from the Lord’s sacrifices. Stay blessed.
  6. Have faith in God who can end the darkest night of life and fill it with sunshine without any condition. May your good Friday be filled with positive hopes.
  7. Loving Christ is the cure of all sins and sadness. May this good Friday bring peace and faith in your life. Good Friday 2024!
  8. Dear sister, know that I’m praying for you. I hope you too will remember me in your prayers.
  9. I am proud to be a Christian and I’m lucky to be a part of you. Wishing my lovely family a great day. Holy Good Friday 2024 to you all!
  10. I pray that God will be kind to you just like you have always been so kind to me. You are the best family there ever was and ever will be. Happy Good Friday 2024 to everyone!