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  1. Independence day is a day to remember the labour of our Heroes past. Today, Freedom was born, Don’t just take it as a national holiday but resolve to do something new to improve your country today. Have a Happy independence day of Gabon!
  2. May hope, peace and tranquility reside in your household today and every day. – Happy independence day of Gabon!
  3. Freedom does not come without a price, not did ours. Never forget the bloodshed and brutality that this great nation has endured in the past. Happy independence day of Gabon!
  4. Patriotism is not a badge that you should carry on your shoulder. You should carry it in your heart and let your actions speak for it. Happy independence day of Gabon!
  5. May Almighty grant us all the strength to make this country self-sufficient, happy and prosperous. May this Independence Day be the beginning of a new future!
  6. The future depends on what you do today! Happy independence day of Gabon!
  7. United we stand, Divided we fall! Let’s all renew our pledge to unitedly protect our nation from external control. Happy independence day of Gabon!
  8. We keep Gabon independent and progressive by being responsible citizens. The least we can do is to vote during every election for the right candidates irrespective of their language, tribe or religion. Happy Gabon Independence Day.
  9. Our life is full of Colors …I hope this August 17th will add more colors to your life. Happy Gabon Independence Day.
  10. The Goal is Unity in Diversity. Happy Independence Day Gabon!