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  1. May God protect our country and it’s freedom. Long live our country.
  2. To all my friends, Egypt Revolution Day. Let’s take an oath to make this country beautiful.
  3. Let’s not forget the sacrifice our freedom fighters made for our freedom. Egypt Revolution Day to all.
  4. Egypt Revolution Day, dear students. May God bless our country. Have a Good day.
  5. Every bright future begins with the assurance of a free will and thought. Happy Egypt National Day!
  6. Let the light of freedom remove the dark cover of oppression on earth and bring smiles on all faces alike. Happy Egypt Revolution Day
  7. Freedom is priceless and nothing less than a magic which cannot be seen but surely be felt.
  8. Life gives you many chances to be better and freedom is one of those. Grab it and make the best use of it. Happy Egypt National Day
  9. A moment of silence for all those who fought with their lives so that we can enjoy the spirit of freedom now. Happy Egypt National Day
  10. Let us always remember to uphold national unity first. Have a wonderful Egypt Revolution Day. May God bless our country with all the good things.