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  1. So many people might have forgotten the sacrifices, but we never will, the colorful flag of our country furls so high. Happy Burundis Independence Day!
  2. This Independence Day let’s take a pledge to protect the peace and unity of our great nation. Happy Independence Day Burundis!
  3. Let’s not take our Independence for granted a do every bit for the nation to protect the legacy of do and die.
  4. It makes the heart beat with pride and honour to see the colours of Independence Day spreading happiness and great joys all around. Happy Burundi Independence Day.
  5. May the glory of Independence be with us forever! Let’s celebrate the spirit of Burundi all together. Happy Burundi Independence Day.
  6. Feel the pride of being a part of such a glorious Nation. Here are my warm wishes for this auspicious day. Happy Burundi Independence Day.
  7. Be the cause of unity. Fight against corruption. Flair the flag of our nation, Happy Burundi Independence Day.
  8. Celebrate the day with a bunch of silent prayers for those who have made it possible for us to live in a free nation. Happy Burundi Independence Day.
  9. Carried with care, coated with prie, dipped in love, fly in glory, moments of freedom in shade of joy. Proud to be an Indian. Happy Burundi Independence Day.
  10. Let us rejoice the happiness and indulge ourselves in the celebration. Salutinh them who made it possible. Happy Burundi Independence Day.