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  1. The beauty of having a little brother is that he will always protect his sister even if he is half her size. Happy Brothers Day!
  2. Because I have a brother, I will always have a friend. Happy Brother’s Day!
  3. To me, you’re my guardian angel who always protects me from every sadness and sorrow. Happy Brother’s Day dear brother.
  4. Happy Brother’s Day dear. You are my first and forever best friend.
  5. I may have a group of friends to chit chat, but I share my feelings only with you. Happy Brothers Day!
  6. This Brother’s Day, I forgive you for practising all your WWE tricks on me.
  7. You are the reason I have a memorable childhood and a remarkable life. Happy Brother’s Day!
  8. Hey, you grew up strong just to protect me and I feel so secured to have you in my life. Wishing you a great Brother’s Day this year.
  9. You are my brother and also my best friend in disguise. May this brother’s day strengthen our bond more.
  10. No matter how far we are, we’re close to each other. Thanks for being the light to my darkness.