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  1. We need more people like you who are loyal and honest to this country. Happy Independence Day to the most inspiring person I’ve ever met!
  2. Let us all come together to help our glorious nation move forward. Happy independence day of Afghanistan 2023!
  3. One Nation, One Vision, One Identity…No nation is perfect, it has to be made so. Happy Independence Day Afghanistan.
  4. Today is a Day to celebrate and to cheer, 17th August is finally here! United We All Stand, Happy Independence Day To You All.
  5. Freedom is the birth right of every person and we are truly blessed to born in a free and independent nation.. Happy Afghanistan Independence Day 2023.
  6. Don’t take independence for granted because we have paid a very heavy price for it.. Value it and always be responsible towards it… Wishing a very Happy Afghanistan Independence Day.
  7. Just like our Flag, I pray you soar higher in whatever you do. Happy independence day of Afghanistan 2023!
  8. Enjoy the colours and blessings of freedom and independence, always protect your country and work hard for its honour… Happy Afghanistan Independence Day to you.
  9. A country is the motherland for its citizens and the independence of mother is of utmost importance for them… Warm wishes on Afghanistan Independence Day.
  10. Independence day is a day to remember the labour of our Heroes past. Today, Freedom was born, Don’t just take it as a national holiday but resolve to do something new to improve your country today. Have a Happy independence day of Afghanistan 2023!
  11. May hope, peace and tranquility reside in your household today and every day. – Happy independence day of Afghanistan!