Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival 2021 Wishes Image

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  1. Wishing you good fortune and happiness on this Moon Festival
  2. On Mid-Autumn Day, may your life always be filled with happy times and may all your wishes come true
  3. The moon is bright, The moon cake is sweet. May you enjoy a happy and safe Mid-Autumn Festival
  4. May your life be as perfect as the full moon on the night of Mid-Autumn Festival
  5. Wishing you a happy and prosperous Mid-autumn Festival 2021
  6. May the bright Mid-Autumn moon illuminate your every journey and happiness accompanies you on every journey
  7. May the brightness of moon and stars fill your life with positivity and happiness Wishing you a blissful Mid-Autumn Moon Festival 2021
  8. May this festival of harvest bring eternal joy and happiness in our lives… Sending warm wishes on Mid-Autumn Moon Festival
  9. The golden autumn years, the harvest season, I wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival, life is better every day.
  10. The Mid-Autumn Festival is here, praying for the blessings of the moon, sincere friendship, and long-lasting friendship, I sincerely hope that you will spend the good fortune, and the auspiciousness of the future.
  11. Mid-Autumn Festival, I make the sweet and delicious stuffing, health and happiness into the skin, and then wrapped in thoughts and blessings, and then give this heart-shaped moon cake to you, may you love a sweet life, healthy life happy!
  12. Happy Mid-Autumn Day! Wish that you go well and have a successful and bright future.
  13. I want to make a toast. I Wish that the round moon take my best blessing to you. May you have a happy family and a bright future.
  14. I wish that your career and life, just like the round moon on Mid-Autumn Day, be bright and perfect.