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  1. Today is independence day, don’t spoil it watching TV. Come out and do something for the nation.
  2. Happy Independence day to you! Enjoy living in a free land and country like America.
  3. We are lucky we are American! We have independence for doing everything and let’s not forget it.
  4. On the 4th of July, let’s get united to pay homage to those souls, whose sacrifices have made this day a reality.
  5. On this independence, take pledge to think beyond caste, color and creed. Follow the path of success, prosperity and peace.
  6. Freedom means state of not being imprisoned or enslaved. Break the boundaries and relish selfhood.
  7. Love your country and keep the spirit of faith, courage, and love alive in your heart. Take time to offer prayers to the martyrs. Happy 4th of July!
  8. Happy Indepence day to all my friends. This is a big day, let’s do something big and not spoil it romancing.
  9. This is 4th July, let’s make this day more wonderful and spectacular by doing some charity for needy.
  10. Enjoy the freedom but don’t forget to thank the soldiers who laid down their lives for it. Salute to the brave soldiers