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  1. Happy National Day of Austria 2023! We must remain free in our minds, let our faith show in disposition and words, remain proud of the country that we stand for, and do all we can to make the country better for all of us. Let’s doff our hats in salutation to the country on its birthday.
  2. Our flag does not flap in the wind of its own accord. What moves it is the breath of each soldier who died to protect it. Happy National Day of Austria!
  3. Happy National Day Austrian 2023. My tribute to the lives and sacrifices of those who gave us freedom.
  4. Happy Austria Independence Day to the patriots who continue to work relentlessly for this country and our nation.
  5. Sending National Day wishes to all who love this country dearly and work for progress every day.
  6. We would like to wish all Austrians a happy National Day.
  7. Happy Austrian national day!!! Proud to be Austrian!!!
  8. Happy national day Austria. Lot’s of love and respect
  9. If a man takes away someone’s freedom, he no longer has his freedom as well. We need to unite and fight against people who think they have the right to own other people’s lives. Happy Austria National Day 2023! Let’s all celebrate the great Freedom!
  10. Let the spirit of patriotism glow in you. Let the spirit of a true fighter reflect in all that you do. Let us remain patient and tolerant. We should stop the unnecessary killing and maiming of another. Our country is delicate and special and we need to do all we can to ensure that we keep our country sane. Happy Austria National Day 2023.
  11. A lot of people laid their lives to make this country better. We should respect that and not do anything that will drag the name of the country into the mud. It is our collective responsibility to make this country better than the previous years. Happy National Day of Austria 2023!