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  1. Happy Mali Independence Day to all of the Malian sisters and brothers.
  2. I’m sending waters of love with all of the Malian about the day of this independence.
  3. This day reminds us of their torture and struggles our forefathers went through to provide us the freedom we have today.
  4. Let people celebrate this day together. The same as our forefathers come together to struggle for independence. We must develop and build that country. Happy, independent day.
  5. I’m taking this chance to salute all of the wonderful men of the country. Let us laugh with each other, cheer up and burst with happiness.
  6. With this particular day, I am taking the chance to wish all of the fantastic people of Mali that a gorgeous independence day. Happy Mali Independence Day
  7. That is our Independence Day, therefore let us laugh, cheer and burst with happiness. Happy Mali Independence Day!
  8. This desire is to exude respectful salute to all of the fantastic guys who left out Mali separate.
  9. Let us celebrate this Independence Day to all of the Malian leaders to donate their own lives to create our country separate.
  10. Sending seas of good wishes to all of my Malian friends on Happy Mali Independence Day.