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  1. Argentina is a power in the making and the youth of the country will enable it to reach out to the place it always deserves to be in. Happy Argentina Independence Day.
  2. The country shall only change for greater good when the people living in it are changing towards a positive life. Happy Independence Day Argentina.
  3. The day a country like Argentina got freedom, it was a chance for them to be better at everything they do! Happy Argentina Independence Day.
  4. Argentina is a small land and hence the bond between each person in the country is very eminent. Together we bloom for a better tomorrow. Happy Independence Day.
  5. With freedom comes the responsibility to grow and be a shining star in the constellation. We Argentinas, make sure that we shine throughout the world on each and every. Happy Argentina Independence Day.
  6. Out from the bounds of those who showed their power. Argentina is a land of free thought and will. Have a great Independence Day, to all the Argentinas.
  7. Being a citizen of a freedom country comes with a lot of added responsibility to behave according to the liberty. Use the power wisely and enjoy the positivity. Happy Argentina Independence Day.
  8. Though the country has achieved independence, it is time for achieving the much needed economic independence and shining amidst all the stable economies o the world. Happy Argentina Independence Day.
  9. We are proud to be Argentina and there is every reason to rejoice being in a country so beautiful and amazing! Happy Argentina Independence Day. We love Argentina!
  10. Independence is a precious gift of god. May we always remain independent. Happy Argentina independence day to you.