9 Months Completed Baby Girl Status Maker

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  1. Happy 9th Months Old Baby! my angel! Always dream big and live well!
  2. Happy 9th Months Old Baby! friend! I always pray for your happiness in all of my prayers.
  3. On your special day, I pray that God grants you happiness beyond measure. I am truly thankful for having someone like you in my life.
  4. My dear, I would never get tired of seeing the goofy smile on your lips and a hint of excitement in your eyes! Wishing you a very Happy 9 Months Old Baby!
  5. I’m grateful to have you as my guest. Thanks for coming on my daughter’s birthday.
  6. Happy birthday to the innocent soul. Our first year with you was so amazing that I cannot describe it in words. Thank you for all those memories. Lots of love for you, princess. Happy 9 Months Old Baby Girl!
  7. On my brother’s birthday, I pray that he gets blessed in special ways beyond our imagination. May he forever be God’s favorite. Amen.
  8. May Lord continues to help and make things easier for my dear brother. Wishing all the very best for my brother, who never lets anyone down.
  9. I wish you a wonderful birthday. The way you make everyone happy, I hope you find every happiness in this world because you deserve it. Happy 9 Months Old Baby Girl!
  10. Even though we used to fight a lot but you are someone I always care about a lot. I know you feel the same about me. I love you so much. Happy 9th Months Old Baby! dear.
  11. Having a great cousin like you is truly a gift for a lifetime. Thank you for bringing so much joy to my life. Happy 9 Months Old Baby!