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  1. May your life be filled with His wonder and glory. Happy 8th Months Old Baby! my girl.
  2. May the divine peace and happiness of this day follow the rest of your life. Happy 8th Months Old Baby! baby.
  3. On your birthday, I want you to know that you complete me with your charm, sweet words, and love. Happy 8th Months Old Baby Boy.
  4. I wish that angels from heaven will descend to celebrate my queen’s birthday. Happy 8 Months Old Baby!
  5. Today is no ordinary day. Today is the birthday of someone with whom I shared the most memorable moments of my childhood. Happy 8 Months Old Baby!
  6. I am so lucky to have a brother like you in my life. Happy 8 Months Old Baby! Give me a treat now.
  7. Dear cousin, I wish you all the success and joy in this life. Happy 8th Months Old Baby!
  8. Wish you to have a magical day today. I think you can never be more amazing than you are now. Happy Birthday my dear nephew.
  9. I may be counting my days to the last; I can still relive my childhood through you. Happy Birthday my dearest grandson. You are the apple of my eyes.
  10. For every candle on your cake, I would like to wish every dream of yours come true. You are awesome.
  11. Happy 8th Months Old Baby! love. I hope and pray that you get the most wonderful blessings from above on your wonderful day.