2032 Chinese New Year Greeting with Name

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  1. As the new sun rises in this New Year, may it bring to you good luck, wealth, joyfulness and satisfaction. Happy Chinese New Year 2032!
  2. May the bad lack be a thing of the past as we start this new Chinese year, Wish you a happy new Year!
  3. The New Year comes with bundles of new opportunities, hope you find them to realize your dreams and achieve your goals. Happy Chinese New Year!
  4. This New Year May opulence and peace be your everyday company. Happy Chinese New Year 2032!
  5. Each day of the New Year is a new page to write, it’s full of lessons and memories that will last a lifetime. It’s up to us to write good memories. Happy New Year!
  6. May this New Year in your life be made up of the best and beautiful things in life! Happy Chinese New Year 2032!
  7.  The New Year is a good luck for those who are cheerful and optimistic, I believe you are. Happy Chinese New Year!
  8. May this New Year in your life bring hope, happiness and love! Wish you a Happy Chinese New Year!
  9.  May this New Year be smooth for you. Happy Chinese New Year!
  10.  As you step into another year, may every step you take be a road to success! Happy Chinese New Year!