1444 Islamic New Year 2022 Wishes with Photo

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  1. May the beginning of the Islamic New Year brings you more opportunities to prosper and progress! Happy Hijri New Year!
  2. Wishing you all a prosperous and blessed new year! Have a truly successful year ahead!
  3. Happy Hijri New Year to the Muslim community! Let us start Hijri 1444 AH by reflecting on ourselves and seeking mercy for our sins!
  4. Happy Islamic New Year! As the Hijri year 1444 begins, I pray that each day will be full of Allah’s blessings and mercy!
  5. Happy Islamic New Year to all! Sincerely praying that we never fall into the evil’s grasp and give in to our temptations for sinning!
  6. With the arrival of the Hijri 1444 AH, I pray for you and your family to have a fortunate year ahead! Happy Muharram to you all!
  7. Wishing a blissful Muharram to my religious friends and family members! Stay blessed! Happy Islamic New Year 2022!
  8. Happy Islamic New Year to you all! May you keep finding more reasons to be grateful towards Allah’s abundant blessing every day!
  9. Happy Muharram! Praying that you can become Allah’s favorite servant through sincere prayers!
  10. May you find the strength in your heart to lead your life according to Islamic regulations and Allah’s direction! Happy Hijri New Year 2022!
  11. Happy Islamic New Year to my friends and family! I hope you keep remembering Allah in all your deeds and duties!