10 Months Completed Baby Girl Status Maker

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  1. Happy 10th Months Old Baby Girl! You have the purest spirit I’ve ever met. Missing home and especially you. Take care!
  2. May Almighty bless my brother on his big day and on all days of his beautiful life. May Lord protect him from every hard and ill deed.
  3. God made you because he saw a need for someone unique and exceptional in the world. Happy 10th Months Old Baby Girl!
  4. Now that you have turned two, we cannot wait to see you climb up a tree, speak at the speed of a tornado & run like a deer. Happy Second Birthday our beautiful boy.
  5. Your smile warms our hearts like we are sitting beside a campfire on a winter night. We wish nothing but the best for you baby boy. Have a great second birthday.
  6. Happy second birthday to the happiest and the most awesome kid I have ever known. Have a day full of presents, blessings, and the best – CAKE!
  7. When you entered the world, for a brief moment, the stars dimmed. Your beauty shined brighter than the others, and I adore you. Happy 10th Months Old Baby Girl!
  8. Happy birthday to the cutest one-year baby girl. Sending lots of hugs and kisses to you on your big day. Keep blessing us with your beautiful smile. Happy 10th Months Old Baby! sweetheart.
  9. To the most adorable girl-happy birthday. You are the cutest and most beautiful baby girl and we’re so proud of you. Happy 10th Months Old Baby! little one.
  10. A cousin brother like you makes life so much easier. Happy 10 Months Old Baby! Enjoy every moment of this day and squeeze all the fun out of it!